Hello Everyone,

We run support Weekdays 9am-5pm GMT+7. You can expect a response within 12 – 48 hours Monday to Friday. We’ll respond to questions outside of these times & weekends occasionally, but please don’t expect a response outside our stated hours.

How customers need to work with the Vikitheme Support Team:

  • If you installed on your Local Host, then you can't be supported.
  • Please use English to write your issue.
  • We only support  the number of domains base on the domain license
  • For every new issue, there must be 1 (min) - 3 questions (max) raised.
  • Please leave only 3 issues open, if we find out that you have more than 3 issues is in progress, we will automatically close the remaining.
  • A issue duration is 4 days after reply and waiting for your reply. Once the ticket is closed, we shall not consider it again, you please submit "new issue".
  • Submit a ticket, providing them cpanel (your hosting account), ftp account and admin, account of your website.
  • Please follow the ticket in a constructive way. There will be a person in charge who follows the process of handling tickets.
  • In contrast, if the developers staff do not reply the ticket of the customer in 3 days, except weekend or holidays, the customer can request a refund , assuming that it is not a custom job
  • If the issue is considered to be a customization, please being aware of paying the fee to fix the problem.

What's included in item support 

- Answering questions about how to use the item 

- Answering technical questions about the item 

- Help with defects in the item or included third party assets 

- Item updates to ensure ongoing compatibility and to resolve security vulnerabilities   

What's NOT included in item support 

- Item customization 

- Installation of the item 

- Support issues about your web hosting, server environment, or software

Rejected Issues:

  • More than 3 open issues is being followed.
  • Questions about HTML, Wordpress or Woocommerce knowledgebase. You have to learn HTML, CSS, Wordpress or Woocommerce by yourself.
  • Disturbing the support team for too much talking.
  • Giving implicit threats to the support team on the product bought.
  • Questioning a customization without a willing for paying fee.

Thanks for your purchase!

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